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A Hip Hop Artist, Rapper, Bboy, Events host, and Events organizer!


Ssekitoleko joram aka Jora Mc is a Ugandan Hip Hop Artist, Rapper, Bboy, Events host and Events organizer 
Founder and Director  YAEP young artists exchange project Uganda, Founder Break-fast jam and Breakdance Project Uganda administration member.

 YAEP! is a worldwide society of young artists promoting cultural diversity and exchange with the majority of the organizations activities currently taking place in Uganda and Switzerland.

 BREAKFAST” jam, is an annual breakdance community event, that was  initiated in 2011 with an aim of uniting and enhancing productive relationships among hip hop artists and community. 

Breakdance Project Uganda, is Ugandan youth-centred non-profit organization which uses breakdance and other elements of hip hop to empower and positively inspire people, mostly youth, as well as engaging them in becoming a solution to their own problems. 



WhatsApp: +256773251003